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All That I Have

(1949) Dr. Charles Greyson is a famous and wealthy former surgeon. His nephews take him to court to challenge his competency, due to his recent inexplicable gifts of large amounts of cash to the church. Message being that all that we are we owe to God, and the profits gained from our Godgiven abilities require care and thought before sharing.

David And Goliath

(1961, Italy) Ferdinando Baldi, Orson Welles, Ivo Payer, Edward Hilton, Eleonora Rossi-Drago.

Esther And the King

(1960 Italy/USA) Joan Collins, Richard Egan, Denis O’Dea, Sergio Fantoni, Renato Baldini, Gabriele Tinti.

Gospel According To St. Matthew, The

(1964, Italy, dubbed) Director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s celebrated life of Christ story stars Enrique Irazoqui as Jesus. Filmed in the actual locations.

Martin Luther

(1953) The first motion picture portrayal of the incendiary beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. This excellent film brings to life Luther’s growing realization that the religion, to which he had dedicated his life, was flawed. His character is shown to mature in believable stages, culminating in acts of ferocious courage.

Power Of the Resurrection, The

(1958) A young man, facing torture and possibly death for his Christian beliefs, confesses his fears to Peter, who awaits a similar fate. Peter tells him of fear he felt in following Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethesamene, when he denied knowing him three times.

Reaching From Heaven

(1948) Drama with strong spiritual overtones that concerns itself with the eternal question, ~~Can the God whose hand formed the sun and the moon and the stars be concerned about the lives of little men?~~ In a small American town we meet one such ~~little man,~~ a European immigrant long-separated from his wife by the war.

Saul And David

(1964, Spain/Italy) The story of the relationship between David the slayer of Goliath and Saul the King of the Israelites.

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