Mr. & Mrs. North


(1952-’54) Jerry (Richard Denning) and Pamela North (Barbara Britton) live in Greenwich Village in New York City. Jerry is a mystery magazine publisher who thinks he is a good amateur detective. He and his wife investigate various crimes and solve them before the police do.

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(s1/ep01) Weekend Murder

The Norths visit their friend, actress Lily Storm, in her country home for the weekend. Upon arrival, they discover the housekeeper is missing and a dead body in the closet!

(s1/ep02) Till Death Do Us Part

Pam and Jerry’s wedding anniversary celebration gets interrupted by a woman dressed in a bridal gown bursting into their apartment and dropping dead.

(s1/ep05) These Latins

The Norths tangle with a fiery novelist. Katy (~~High Noon~~) Jurado makes her TV debut in this episode.

(s1/ep06) Nosed Out

After a day at the racetrack, the Norths find a dead man in the trunk of their new car, later identified as the jockey, Eddie Mears.

(s1/ep08) Dead Man?s Tale

When Jerry Lawson, a bookmaker working out of Dave’s Cigar Store, is found dead, the most obvious suspect, Nick Magnus, fights to clear his name.

(s1/ep09) Surprise

Pam and Jerry attend a surprise party where one of the guests get murdered.

(s1/ep10) Comic Strip Tease

Mrs. Helsir needs help with her son who has come under the influence of a young gang of thugs. The Norths get a comic strip artist to write in the story.

(s1/ep12) The Nobles

Pam becomes a volunteer nurse for seniors. Her first client has a homicidal family.

(s1/ep14) On the Rocks

A pleasant weekend at the country estate of a novelist is spoiled by the poisoning murder of a publisher’s wife.

(s1/ep16) House Behind the Wall

The Norths get a flat tire one dark and stormy night out in the country. Upon seeking aid at a desolate house, they are drawn into a murder plot.

(s1/ep17) The Beauty Prize

Curious about a beauty contestant who could easily be mistaken for her twin, Pam finds herself backstage at the Miss Venus contest and filling in.

(s1/ep18) The Third Eye

The Norths go shopping at Suzi’s Gown Salon where murder is high- fashion and find a model dead.

(s1/ep20) Terror

A crackpot doctor with a Jekyll-Hyde complex gives the Norths a night of terror.

(s1/ep22) The Frightened Bride

The Norths and their newly married friend Helen, drive out to her recently acquired country home. However, all is not what they expected when Aunt Clara is found missing.

(s1/ep28) The Man Who Came to Murder

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, Pam and Jerry return to Honeymoon Inn where a secret regarding a marriage license culminates in murder.

(s1/ep29) Breakout

The Norths visit the state penitentiary to meet with the notorious racketeer, Dave Gerard. In an escape attempt they are taken hostage.

(s1/ep31) Hot Mink

The Norths get involved in a con game after a mink coat is delivered on Pam’s birthday.

(s1/ep35) Salt in His Blood

When the Norths try to help a discharged teenage sailor they run smack into a waterfront murder which might send the boy to prison.

(s1/ep36) Two Faced

Elsie Dargon, a manicurist, recognizes a wanted bank robber and confronts him with blackmail.

(s1/ep39) Million Dollar Coffin

The Norths accompany Mr. Sykes out of town to exhume the grave of Sykes’ ancestor who was buried with valuable, historical documents. They find a million dollars in stolen money!

(s2/ep02) Target

Pam and Jerry plan to spend a quiet day at the beach and run into lunatic sniper.

(s2/ep03) Reunion

While attending a college alumni reunion, the Norths become aware of a blackmail attempt to stop production of the atomic bomb. Pam is held hostage at gunpoint.

(s2/ep04) Loon Lake

The Norths catch more than trout when a vicious criminal hides at their vacation spot.

(s2/ep07) Flight 217

The Norths search for a missing author in Mexico City, but decide to go back home, booking themselves aboard the next flight to Miami. Time bomb on board.

(s2/ep09) Phantom at the Wedding

Who has a motive to want to kill attorney and friend to the Norths’, Robert Tyler? After several failed murder attempts, Tyler still wants to go forward with his marriage to Susan.

(s2/ep10) Homicide Limited

The Norths help investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a beautiful blonde killed on a train going from Florida to New York.

(s2/ep12) Model for Murder

Don Santiago, the suave yet cold head of the modeling school in which Pam just enrolled, has been murdered with a fencing epee.

(s2/ep14) Placid Affair

Jerry is accused of being an accomplice to a murder when a gold- digging nurse talks him into doing a favor for her.

(s2/ep16) Suspected

The Norths take in a woman who has been accused of murdering her rich, elderly employer.

(s2/ep17) Mask of Hate

A suicidal invalid, Govrdon Lane, is bitter about his life and jealous of his wife’s new lover.